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Handling polymedia arts that is created various medium whose mottoes are Inchoate, Legitimate and Antagonism.



Also function as a polymedia art label called REJECTED project. We participate in part of your work and put The REJECTED TAG. 

The REJECTED TAG indicates that the product has been rejected by "something" under the label authority.

Flim Kyoto

Flim is a gallery&cafe owned by Nell Shiina who is a sculptor and couturier based in Paris. Expressing the boundary between existence and absence of things with a skeptical approach centered on anatomy and philosophy.

Flim is created with the concept of "fragment of natura", and is a space that makes the people exist as part of the sculpture. In addition, the cafe can be used as an opportunity for cultural exchange and criticism, general public interest in art, and education.

Set out back home.

Nell Shiina grew up with sheep in God's Own Country.

Making contact him is legitimate.

And it's about time.

Flim means fiver but what's a fiver?

"He wants to burn the barn."It's sublimated into the Accend/Revert

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