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The Empty Quarter

"I want to burn the barn out."It's sublimated into the "Where are the sheep" project

The project is created by Henry Nelson Shiina

In ’Gypsies’, photographed  by Josef  Koodelka. 
The images captured there is characterized by displacement and alienation which was a defining reality of his own existence, the very essence of those images echoes my identity and my experience of being in a caravan with various families when I was 16 years old, having been taken out of my dormitory and having nowhere to go. 
There are several photographs of funerals in the book and there was always a coin on their eyelids. I was curious and asked the Gypsy family about it. They explained it as a payment or bribe for the ferryman who conveyed souls across the river that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead, a practice that had precedents in ancient Egypt. They also taught us to burn the whole caravan with it.

我々は原子を超えて元は一つモノであり、今、私たちが観測する全てはそれから流出し無限数に増えたモノだ。人生とは生死を問わず 一つのモノへと回帰する旅である。その旅路の中で私たちは訪れ、出会い、拾い上げる。




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